Leadership Team

ATMS is a Canadian software development company that provides complete traceability solutions for the reprocessing of individual medical devices and operating room linens in the healthcare facilities and institutional laundries. ATMS currently offers solutions in North America, Europe and Asia.


Charles El-Mir President & CEO

Charles El-Mir

President & CEO

Charles El-Mir, President and CEO of A.T.M.S., has over 20 years of domestic and international experience consulting healthcare facilities in the areas of surgical instruments treatment, OR linens manufacturing and distribution.

Mr. El-Mir is a visionary leader and a pioneer in the international health-tech industry, who cares deeply about the compliance with high standards of medical instruments reprocessing. He is a reputable industry thought leader in Canada and has strategic alliances with Quebec government officials.

Charles would love to discuss how A.T.M.S. can benefit you at: elmir@atmshealth.com.

Zafar Iqbar

Business Development Lead

With 18 years of medical device reprocessing experience, Zafar knows everything about instrument tracking systems, patients’ safety and infection control practices.

He is responsible for business development and building long-lasting relationships with clients and strategic partners. In addition, Zafar is actively engaged in leading international thought leadership conferences and trade shows. Zafar is always happy to cooperate, so email him at zafariqbal.188@gmail.com.


Hang Sha

Senior Account Manager

Being a native Mandarin speaker and having a background in engineering, Hang manages relationships with A.T.M.S. partners and clients in China.

You can email Hang at: hang.sha@atmshealth.com.

Pierre Tremblay

Senior Programmer

Mr. Tremblay has 23-years programming experience, serving as a Senior Programmer for a numerous software companies, including health-tech. Mr. Tremblay is a top-notch coder, who enjoys creating software and web based applications.

You can reach him at: pierre.tremblay@atmshealth.com.

Ray Goudie

Ray Goudie

Senior Programming Consultant

Being as experienced software designer, programmer and computer system analyst, Mr. Goudie supports A.T.M.S. and assists in software maintenance.

You can reach him at: ray.goudie@atmshealth.com.



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