Stedfast is a world leader in protective barrier technologies since its founding in 1930. Headquartered in Granby, Quebec, Stedfast has been producing innovative coated and laminated technical textiles for 90 years; serving multiple specialized markets which include medical PPE, first responders, industrial and military applications, including chemical and biological resistant textiles.


    Founded in Quebec, ID Solution developed an electronic management tool that can be customized for various occupations. Based on an identical hardware system and software applications, it can be adapted according to need.


    UBI Solutions is a 10-years old French company that connects objects in the cloud. It specialises in integrating innovative cloud-based traceability solutions, based on RFID & NFC technologies.


    Evolucare is a franch family business created 30 years ago, combining experience and agility by capitalizing on its historical products and innovation to ensure its transformation within a fast-changing society. As an expert in the field of medical IT, Evolucare is committed to its mission of connecting the world of healthcare to give it effective and cost effective means to provide better care.

  • IMS

    Identification Multi Solutions (IMS) is the most efficient manufacturer of printed identification products in the industry, in both design and manufacturing of solutions for product identification and packaging. In addition, IMS offers a wide range of complementary products and services, such as printers, readers and mobile terminals.


    SIC Marking is an international company dedicated to the development of permanent marking solutions and automated identification (Datamatrix) for complete traceability of industrial components. ATMS ChronoSteril software combined with micro-percussion technology allows unique traceability of medical devices and placing the right medical device in the right place in the right tray.

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