ATH Medical is an expert in Patients, Implants and Instruments identification systems. In collaboration with the end-users, ATH Medical designs traceability solutions for sterile and non-sterile implants, ancillaries and surgical instruments. ATH Medical’s AnciTrack device won the best innovative product of the year 2014 by UniHA, the leading French hospitals’ joint buying organization.

  • IMS

    Identification Multi Solutions (IMS) is the most efficient manufacturer of printed identification products in the industry, in both design and manufacturing of solutions for product identification and packaging. In addition, IMS offers a wide range of complementary products and services, such as printers, readers and mobile terminals.


    VERTISOFT is a technology firm specialized in the SMEs. The company's current workforce comprises 60 multidisciplinary and highly skilled team members, who collaborate to contribute to the customers’ commercial success.


    SIC Marking is an international company dedicated to the development of permanent marking solutions and automated identification (Datamatrix) for complete traceability of industrial components. ATMS ChronoSteril software combined with micro-percussion technology allows unique traceability of medical devices and placing the right medical device in the right place in the right tray.


    DATAMARS is a leading global supplier of high performance RFID solutions. ATMS uses the RFID technology in its ChronoTex Pro software solutions to facilitate the traceability through the reprocessing cycle of all reusable linen and packs in the operating rooms.

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