Medical Device Tracking Solutions For Hospitals

There is no room for error in the operating room.

It wasn’t long ago when having an instrument tracking system was considered something extraordinary. Now we see more healthcare facilities seeing it as a real necessity. Indeed, considering surgical cases overload, there is a need for precise and efficient processes of procurement, handling and shipment of the instruments.

The surgical instrument cycle includes procurement, assembly, packaging, sterilization, storage, distribution, utilization and decontamination processes. A lot of things may go wrong on every stage of the cycle, including lost or misplaced medical devices, wrong sterilization methods, wrong instrument sets sent to the point of use, delays resulted from manual counting and so on. In most cases these mistakes occur due to the human factor in the nonautomated environments. Increased risk of cross-infection, lack of staff accountability, lawsuits initiated by affected patients undermine hospital’s reputation and patient trust. In addition, manual processes of handling the medical devices often result in a severe lack of quality data upon which to make significant clinical improvements.

Acting behind the scenes, ATMS software automates most of the stages of the instrument cycle, largely contributing to the flawless surgeries. The software stops spread of infection, because devices are handled according to the best practices.

As a result, elevated patient safety and improved bottom line satisfy every stakeholder in the healthcare setting: Hospital CEO, MDRD Managers, Infection Control Manager and IT Manager.

Enhanced patient safety

Improved process flow

Time and money savings

Elevated facility reputation

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